Your Best Day Ever: 30 Ways to Thrive Right Now

I’m still high on the wisdom I soaked up at the Longevity Now conference, which is one of my favorite events because it’s so high-vibe and holistic. The speakers are cutting-edge, the community’s fantastic, and running into friends is always the best ever. It’s  #winning through osmosis for 3 days (and nights) straight.

Below are some of my key take-aways. Apply what resonates with you and share your choices with me. ‘Cuz together we rock more. 20 is a must-live for my artist friends (and we’re all artists, as the rocking Liz Gilbert says).  8 is vital for your and your kids’ future. 12 is a game-changer. Period. 23 is for y’all foodies.

If you want to watch all talks from the #LNC2106, grab the link at the bottom. I’m not being compensated for this. It’s my intention to share what’s great. It’s what truffle pigs with mics do.


1) “‘I’m not feeling it today,’ is valid. Your feelings count. Intuition counts.” ~ David Wolfe

2) Greatest miracle of all time: “Change your mind; trust your heart.” That’s the miracle of transformation. ~ David Wolfe

3) We resist the things that would heal us. Pay attention. “Go with the holy flow.” ~ David Wolfe

4) “You are the books you read.” ~ Jim Kwik

5) “Nature’s solution to pollution is dilution.” ~ David Wolfe

6) “The magic of breaking up the program... it’s called changing your mind.” ~ David Wolfe

7) “We don’t do belief systems. We entertain possibilities.” ~ David Wolfe

8) “Herbal literacy fosters environmental literacy.” ~ David Wolfe

9) “Trade your cleverness for bewilderment.” ~ Wim Hof

10) “We’re the luckiest people in the history of the world.” ~David Wolfe

11) “Do your best with ease, grace, and flow.” ~ David Wolfe

12) “Your beliefs have to empower you; if they don’t empower you, they’re not in alignment with Truth.” ~ David Wolfe

13) “Self-awareness is a superpower.” ~ Jim Kwik

14) “Anything that’s true must be universal.” ~ David Wolfe

15) “The magic is in the color.” ~ Raw Solla


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16) “Your body is your best friend. And forget sunscreen and the pools of chlorine.” ~ Nadine Artemis

17) “When you start communicating with nature, nature communicates with you through bursts of inspiration.” ~ David Wolfe

18) “Don’t let school get in the way of your eduction.” ~ Jim Kwik

19) “If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower.” Jim Kwik

20) “Set aside who you are to make room for who you really are.” ~ Jim Kwik

21) “Be your own greatest fan.” Joseph McClendon, III

22) “Ancient old, brand new.” ~ David Wolfe

23) “Food is not the only thing when it comes to longevity and health.” ~ Jason Wrobel

24) “We’re forming a super-organism. A transformation is happening.” ~ David Wolfe

25) Freeing thought: “I hope I screw this up.” ~ Kyle Cease

26) “You don’t have any limitations, you’re just addicted to them.” ~ Kyle Cease

27) “Feeling is understanding... Breathe & believe... Take away the cold of ignorance. From science to sense. We’re built to be spiritual.” ~ Wim Hof

28) "You learn by participating." ~ Jim Kwik

29) #gulpthepulp ~ David Wolfe

30) Take it from the most popular doctor on the internet: Move your body; sitting is the new smoking; put your #blueblockers on at night; start a garden. ~ Dr. Joe Mercola


I hope this serves your wellbeing in meaningful ways. Hop on my Insta for more insights in full color 🙂 If you’re up for the deep dive, get access to all talks here.



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