You’ll Be Richer Than a Billionaire When You Do This: Own Your Power

Dare to be your own person.

Don’t live to please.                  Live your truth.
Don’t imitate.                            Innovate.
Don’t dwarf your worth.           Honor your wisdom.

Remembering who you really are can be hard these days. That’s why few people do it.
Becoming your own person means owning your strengths and weaknesses, living your values in the face of adversity, and having the courage to take one hundred percent responsibility for your life.

No hiding.
No pretending.
No limiting.

Awaken from the dumb-down delirium of fake comfort.
Unfetter your genius .
It’ll make the world of a difference to you, and you’ll make the world of a difference to the world.

Live your light.

How to be richer than a billionaire. 

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