Why Being Cool Gives You Cellulite

Seeing the world anew each day; basking in the ingenuity of nature; appreciating love & kindness; reveling in the vastness of wonder; showing & sharing your joy; laughing out loud, saying what you’re thinking; being comfortable in your own skin  — this to me is the recipe for eternal vivaciousness.

What we as adults are doing and telling each other, though, is the exact opposite. You wanna be  cool, we keep reinforcing, to get ahead, feel great, look hot, get the guy/girl, be accepted by those we think we want to associate with (we may not really like them but we’ve been telling each other we need to hang out with the cool folks). And ya wonder why you aren’t as juicy as when you came in.

Ignoring or suppressing your nature will make you fat, old, and miserable. It may still be cool to feel that way because many people do (and you know what loves company…) and Big Food, Pharma, and Tobacco can keep filling their deep wool pockets, but aren’t you the liver of your life?

Don’t you want to find out what truly lights you up? If my thriving invites me to be uncool, I’ll proudly raise my hand.

Uncool is the new kale. 

How being cool ages you faster than you can say sports car. 

You are the liver of your life. 

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