What Happened When I Stopped Complaining

As the founder of Colors of Gratitude, I love sharing about the beauty of life. And it turns out I need to brush up on gratitude. You teach what you need to learn...

I have a discerning set of senses  and while that ability serves me well on my truffle pig endeavors it can also lead me to focus on what's not so great even though something good is right next to it.

Case in point, I got to spend time in the South Pacific with my beloved and instead of blissing out about our time in paradise I complained about how hot it was. Could I have focused on the breathtaking beauty around me? Yes! Could I have reveled in the gratitude for our time together? Yes! Could I have got lost in the the mesmerizing colors of the lagoon? You bet!

Fortunately, I did catch myself early enough to notice my behavior, change it, and enjoy the miracles unfolding around me. It's a fine line between voicing room for improvement and complaining, and it’s worth exploring.

The sweet route to peace and serenity is made of gratitude. Full blown. All in.

What are you grateful for right now?

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