Truly, All You Need is Love


All you truly need is love.

Align with love to fully be.

Align with love to honor your presence.

Align with love to celebrate your gifts.

Shifting into allowing to be the Be-er of love that you are releases what no longer serves you.

Love your loved ones. Everybody is being the best they can at any given moment. Your family is love. Delete the cultural drama implanted into your mind by the media and society (TV, movies, internet, radio, print, gossip of all kinds, regurgitating of news…).

Reconnect with your true essence. It is love. You’re made of love. Your nature is love. Focused love, right here, right now — that’s what you are. Love the love you are by expressing it fully. The world transforms when you’re being the love that you are. Tell your loved ones that you love them. It feels so good! Be the effervescent source of love that only you can be in your own unique way. It’s why you’re here. It’s why we’re all here.

Imagine the beautiful ease & flow & joy & light & wellbeing we can create by just being our purest selves. Love. Life is pure magic when you live in love.

Be love. Live love. LOVE. 

Everything is love; and when it’s aligned with the source of creation, we recognize it as love. Nature is love, all of it: Plants, flowers, trees, animals, humans, the elements….

Buildings are love when built with love or lived in with love.

Books are love when written with love.

Meals are love when created with love.

Thoughts are love when thought with love.

Our bodies are always love and shine when lived in with love.

We are love.

What does love feel like? Here’s what it feels like to me:

Sweet ease; openness; lightness; peace; wow; fun; looking through the eyes of Source; alignment; awash with the knowing that all is well; creation; beauty; joy; hugging the world; flow; divine; connection; living in love; home; heart-chakra all lit up; warm, cozy; serenity; inspiration; purpose found & being fulfilled; unbounded expansion; freedom; deep gratitude.

What does love feel like to you? Share your feelings w/ #FlyHighRootDeep on social.

Much love,


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