There Is No Competition

Perfectionism stifles creativity.
Pressure to achieve kills innovation.
Productivity on steroids becomes mass production.

We’ve been conditioned over decades to outperform, outsmart, and outlook everyone around us – and, for a while, that pattern has served employers/companies well because it ensures that employees/customers stay in competition mode. In the long run, though, keeping people in the battle loop impedes progress because ideas aren’t shared, problems aren’t addressed, and visions aren’t communicated. If society regarded failure as a valuable part of the discovery process of success, a new trajectory of genius would be established. 

When you desire to succeed,
 will you have the courage to do something that has never been done before?
 Or will you follow the beaten path to be on the seemingly safe side?
Your choice.

What if you did decide to let go
 of comparing yourself to others,
 of standing in your own way trying to be perfect,
 of upholding a behavior just because it’s always been done that way?

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