The Grandest Power of All

Today and every day, show the beings you love that you love them.

Life can be gentle and luminous, or hard and unfair - depending on how you see it.
During stressful times especially, we need to be bold enough to care for and love and support our precious souls in every way possible. When someone we love is in distress and we dare to get over our mental paralysis and act to relieve their darkness, we truly love.
Most people don’t admit or voice their pain. But it’s there, and it’s eating away their light.

Body language speaks louder than words.
Take a good, fresh look at the beloved beings in your world:
Do their eyes reflect joy?

Is their mouth tense or relaxed?
Does their soul yearn for love and warmth, for an honest hug?
Is their mind at war or at peace?
Are they excited for life or slowly, subtly withering away? 

Life is happening right now. Magnificent times or miserable times, live love. 
What can you do today to make the world of your loved ones brighter and more meaningful?

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