The Dichotomy of Pain & Pleasure (And How to Activate Your Joy & Heal the World)

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Christiane Northrup’s and what she recently said about the dichotomy of pain & pleasure on this planet truly hit home. While people and animals are being tortured & killed daily, it’s still mandatory to talk about the joy of feeling fabulous. More so than ever. When the dark gets darker, the light gets lighter.

Every day, I send my love, prayers, and blessings into the universe to make this place the most peaceful it can be. Likewise, my musing & writing about the pleasure of a delightful stroll through the park, a satisfying run along the lake, a wicked-good hot chocolate, or exquisite organic beauty products is a celebration of the magnificence of everyday life. It’s luxuriously uplifting in every sense of the word.

Like most of us, I grew up in a culture that glorified suffering: Burnout as a badge of honor; lack of sleep as a sign of productivity; neglect of health as a stepping-stone to success. Pleasure, joy, and happiness would be considered frivolous.

How to purge the Puritan residue from our cultural DNA?
Step into that which lights you up.
Embrace that which sets you free.
Be that which makes you come alive.
Savor the glee you’re creating and receiving.
Bathe in the euphoria of fun.
Revel in the playfulness of grace.
Remember what you loved as a kid? Chances are those experiences will reconnect you to your core. Peace, joy, beauty, love, light… it’s all there but we need to remember & dare to live fully.

Do no harm. Take no shit. Live beautifully. 

Bathe in the euphoria of fun. 

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