Turn On


Your life force is your source. It doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on health, wealth, honors, beauty, joy, freedom… you won’t embody it unless your fire’s lit. Your life force is the spark in your eyes, the glow in your voice, the sizzle of your body, the impact of your presence, the pleasure of your work.
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The New Woman

archetype- The New Woman-shakti-madam president-women-divine feminine-superwoman-rise-gratitude-beauty-power-goddess-pioneer-glass ceiling-shatter-new century-right to vote-feminist-emancipation-independence

And then you wake up and the world’s forever changed.
I don’t care whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, woman, man, girl, boy, whether you’re black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, trans, bi, rich, poor, middle class, PhD or blue collar, young, old, ageless, immi Read more »

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