IHS 2017: The Latest in Integrative Healthcare

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This year’s Integrative Healthcare Symposium just wrapped and I love attending because it’s a magnificent conference to feel the pulse of the functional medicine community. While it can certainly be helpful to improve existing models of healthcare, vibrant health and wellbeing can only be achieved if we create new standards of care and sweeping cultural changes. Read more »

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Carpet-Lighting the World: How NEWSWIRE.FM is Transforming the Way We Live

Deepak & Martine on set-Deepak & Martine on set_NEWSWIRE.FM-Deepak Chopra-Martine Dubin-ABC Home-wellness-wellbeing-health-meditation-consciousness-beauty-peace-cosmic-yoga-conversation-healthwire.fm-new york-media-mindfulness-mindful-stillness-new media-digital broadcasting-global-worldwide-disruption-honest-open-free of lobbied interests-integrity-arianna huffington-dvf-paul tudor jones-luny liu-dr. mario martinez-nobel laureate

Think of NEWSWIRE.FM as a massively inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking CNN free of lobbied ads and interests. NEWSWIRE.FM and its sister network HEALTHWIRE.FM reach viewers across 200+ countries connecting the world with stories around health & wellness, business & trade, love & relationships, imagination & creativity, and science & consciousness. Watch & Share: How the pioneer of mindful media is reshaping digital broadcasting.  Read more »

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