October Thoughts


As we’re approaching the apex of dancing witches and glowing pumpkins, I’m grateful for the bounty of mother earth and a community that honors nature. Here are a few ideas to keep you nourished intellectually, physically, and spiritually: Read more »

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Your Best Day Ever: 30 Ways to Thrive Right Now

the-best-day-ever_lnc2016-longevity conference-health-wellness-food-raw-vegan-paleo-superfood-tonic-elixir-anaheim-california-david wolfe-mercola-erin elizbeth-jason wrobel-john gray-joseph mcClendon, III-ndine artemis-jim kwik-alan christianson-wim hof-iceman-wim hof method-del bigtree-l

I’m still high on the wisdom I soaked up at the Longevity Now conference, which is one of my favorite events because it’s so high-vibe and holistic. The speakers are cutting-edge, the community’s fantastic, and running into friends is always the best ever. It’s #winning through osmosis for 3 straight days (and nights).
Below are some of my key take-aways. Apply what resonates with you and share your choices with me. ‘Cuz together we rock more. Read more »

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Gratitude Beauty, Part 2

plant power-plants-herbs-Gratitude Beauty-vegan-organic-beegan-greenbeauty-natural beauty-skin care-skincare-perfume-fragrance-gratitude beauty-food-foodie-beauty-food-superfood-superfoods-color-cosmetics-make-up-makeup-body-hair-care-health-healthy-performance-high-relax-cacao-reishi-tonic-herbs-superherbs-toothpaste-oral care-teeth-hand cream-sunshine-happy-joy-peace-meditation-mind-gratitude-flow-divine-planet-earth-thrive-sleep-enjoy-live-transform-artisan-fair-trade-made-in-america-madeinusa-handcrafted-small batch-fresh-100% Pure-Axiology Beauty-Urban Moonshine-Soapwalla-Suti-Vapour Beauty-Josh Rosebrook-Lotus Wei-Dr. Bronner's-Living Libations-Fitglow Beauty-PiperWai-Nudus-Elaa-Leaves of Trees-Kjaer Weis-Four Sigma Foods-Tata Harper

Think of Gratitude Beauty as your roadmap to healthy, honest personal care items. In many cases, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting directly with the founders/creators of the treasures below. They’ve shared their visions and principles with me, their dreams and reasons, their commitment and passion. It’s my intention to pass this wealth of beauty on to you so you… YOU are organic. Only organic beauty products will keep you beautiful.  Read more »

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