High Summer Beauty: Rise in Love with Living Libations

High Summer Beauty- Rise in Love with Living Libations-green beauty-organic-biodynamic-wild-wildcrafted-pure-skin-skin care-beauty-health-high vibe-fun-joy-sunscreen-sunbathing-bugs-anti bug spray-mosquito spray-sunshine-beach-vacation-zinc-beautiful-happy-peace-tahitian-exotic-rose-roses-white rose hydrosol-rose glow complexion mist-glow-gut-mint-lip balm-coq10-anti wrinkle-anti aging-ageless goddess-vegan-beegan

I’d like to share some goodies with you that will make your summer more vibrant, relaxed, sexy, and delightful. I’ve you’ve been eyeing Living Libations for a while, now’s the time to jump in because they’re offering beautiful specials and FREE shipping on orders $100 or more (until Mon, 8/1, midnight PST)! Read more »

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My Fave LA Eats, Vol 1

My Fave LA Eats, Vol 1-erewhon-bulletproof-urth caffe-dragon herbs-sunlike organics-matthew kennel-plant food and wine-vegan-paleo-organic-bulletproof diet-bulletproof coffee-bulletproof cookbook-tonic bar-tonic herbs-organic-biodynamic-superfoods-good fat-brain octane-crystals-malibu-santa mince-samo-venice-california-los angeles-sunshine-epigenetic-frisky foodie-gratitude food-health food-natural foods market-garden-local-farm to table-healthy-thrive-100% pure-elemental wizdom-culinary  classes-abbot kinney-lifestyle-smoothie-salad-bowl-soup-tonic-turmeric latte-

Los Angeles is one of favorite places on earth because of its vibrant health and wellness community. What we eat, how we move, the way we live, what we think, the amount of sunshine we get, our social life… all impact our wellbeing and performance.
Food is just one of the variables but a sexy one. And since I consider myself a frisky foodie, meaning my meals need to be both healthy and scrumptious, I’m looking forward to sharing a few of my favorite LA Eats with you. LA’s best food right here.  Read more »

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Gratitude Beauty, Part 2

plant power-plants-herbs-Gratitude Beauty-vegan-organic-beegan-greenbeauty-natural beauty-skin care-skincare-perfume-fragrance-gratitude beauty-food-foodie-beauty-food-superfood-superfoods-color-cosmetics-make-up-makeup-body-hair-care-health-healthy-performance-high-relax-cacao-reishi-tonic-herbs-superherbs-toothpaste-oral care-teeth-hand cream-sunshine-happy-joy-peace-meditation-mind-gratitude-flow-divine-planet-earth-thrive-sleep-enjoy-live-transform-artisan-fair-trade-made-in-america-madeinusa-handcrafted-small batch-fresh-100% Pure-Axiology Beauty-Urban Moonshine-Soapwalla-Suti-Vapour Beauty-Josh Rosebrook-Lotus Wei-Dr. Bronner's-Living Libations-Fitglow Beauty-PiperWai-Nudus-Elaa-Leaves of Trees-Kjaer Weis-Four Sigma Foods-Tata Harper

Think of Gratitude Beauty as your roadmap to healthy, honest personal care items. In many cases, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting directly with the founders/creators of the treasures below. They’ve shared their visions and principles with me, their dreams and reasons, their commitment and passion. It’s my intention to pass this wealth of beauty on to you so you… YOU are organic. Only organic beauty products will keep you beautiful.  Read more »

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