High Summer Beauty: Rise in Love with Living Libations

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I’d like to share some goodies with you that will make your summer more vibrant, relaxed, sexy, and delightful. I’ve you’ve been eyeing Living Libations for a while, now’s the time to jump in because they’re offering beautiful specials and FREE shipping on orders $100 or more (until Mon, 8/1, midnight PST)! Read more »

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Gratitude Beauty, Part 1


Swapping conventional personal care products for clean treats is one of the easiest and simplest ways to boost your rrrradiance, enhance your performance, and massively increase your magnetism. Beauty that’s divine, naturally.  Gratitude Beauty is one of my favorite tools to help guide you toward optimal wellbeing. Think of it as your roadmap to healthy, honest personal care items. In many cases, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting directly with the founders/creators of the treasures I’m sharing with you. Read more »

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DISPATCH: Beauty Wellness Wisdom, a Recipe for Pleasure

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ABC’s annual flagship event Beauty Wellness Wisdom is an invitation to step into pleasure. Designed as a day-long retreat to recalibrate, explore, and inspire, BWW provides fertile ground to plant seeds of intention. And while one could be rigid and find the beauty part in the according appointments, wellness in the opening and closing rituals, and wisdom in the inspiring morning talks, the genius of flexibility extends these three epicenters into a triangle of treasures. Beauty Wellness Wisdom, a recipe for pleasure.  Read more »

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