Why Being Cool Gives You Cellulite


What we as adults are doing and telling each other, though, is the exact opposite. You wanna be cool, we keep reinforcing, to get ahead, feel great, look hot, get the guy/girl, be accepted by those we think we want to associate with (we may not really like them but we’ve been telling each other we need to hang out with the cool folks). And ya wonder why you aren’t as juicy as when you came in. Uncool is the new kale.  Read more »

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GRATITUDE SPEAKS: Dr. Mario Martinez, author of the #1 bestselling The MindBody Code

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It’s a supreme pleasure to share with you the revolutionary research of my friend Dr. Mario Martinez. He’s a clinical neuropsychologist, founder of the Biocognitive Science Institute, and author of the #1 bestselling The MindBody Code. Dr. Martinez lectures worldwide on how cultural beliefs impact health, longevity, and success. Your biology is an expression of your cultural beliefs.  Read more »

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DISPATCH: Beauty Wellness Wisdom, a Recipe for Pleasure

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ABC’s annual flagship event Beauty Wellness Wisdom is an invitation to step into pleasure. Designed as a day-long retreat to recalibrate, explore, and inspire, BWW provides fertile ground to plant seeds of intention. And while one could be rigid and find the beauty part in the according appointments, wellness in the opening and closing rituals, and wisdom in the inspiring morning talks, the genius of flexibility extends these three epicenters into a triangle of treasures. Beauty Wellness Wisdom, a recipe for pleasure.  Read more »

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