GRATITUDE SPEAKS: Thank & Grow Rich with Pam Grout

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I feel giant joy to be able to introduce you to the rad Pam Grout and her radiant work! You might have come across a couple of her other books with the cool Einstein-esque covers, the #1 New York Times bestseller E-Squared and E-Cubed. The “Es” have put Pam’s carefree, respectfully irreverent voice in the heart of the personal growth world, and I’m thrilled she’s back at waking up our beautiful minds with Thank & Grow Rich: A 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy which drops 8/30. I highly recommend you get a copy. Gratitude is our natural state, the Divine Buzz that is our inheritance when we take the time to really revel in all we’ve been given. @PamGrout 
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Why You Aren’t Losing When I’m Winning: Zapping the Zero Sum Virus

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When you notice a beautiful person, especially of the same sex, do you resent them? When you see me being successful at work, are you trying to find fault with it? When you hear someone having fun, do you feel annoyed?
Chances are you’ve (silently, secretly) answered yes to one or all of these scenarios because most of us are infected by the zero sum virus. It’s a disease that’s got the world in a tight grip. The medicine to be administered is this… Why You Aren’t Losing When I’m Winning: Zapping the Zero Sum Virus.  Read more »

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GRATITUDE SPEAKS: The Art of Money with Bari Tessler

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Bring light to your money. We’ve developed such great understanding of and expansion around food, sexuality, spirituality, and even death — so why does money feel like the last frontier on the road to thriving freedom? Why is it that so many of, dare I say pretty much everyone of us, have a twisted relationship to money?
What if we peeled back the layers of shame, fear, anger, confusion, boredom, and bewilderment? What if we were willing to expand our consciousness into the area of money and pay attention in addition to paying bills? What if we re-told our money story? Well, we can. And gloriously so. We can bring creativity, deep meaning, beauty, and love, to everything we do. (Even money.) @BariTessler  Read more »

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