Carpet-Lighting the World: How NEWSWIRE.FM is Transforming the Way We Live

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Think of NEWSWIRE.FM as a massively inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking CNN free of lobbied ads and interests. NEWSWIRE.FM and its sister network HEALTHWIRE.FM reach viewers across 200+ countries connecting the world with stories around health & wellness, business & trade, love & relationships, imagination & creativity, and science & consciousness. Watch & Share: How the pioneer of mindful media is reshaping digital broadcasting.  Read more »

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GRATITUDE SPEAKS: Dr. Mario Martinez, author of the #1 bestselling The MindBody Code

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It’s a supreme pleasure to share with you the revolutionary research of my friend Dr. Mario Martinez. He’s a clinical neuropsychologist, founder of the Biocognitive Science Institute, and author of the #1 bestselling The MindBody Code. Dr. Martinez lectures worldwide on how cultural beliefs impact health, longevity, and success. Your biology is an expression of your cultural beliefs.  Read more »

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