Fresh From: Integrative Healthcare Symposium

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Here’s the latest on creating lasting vibrant health and revolutionizing the way we care for each other. “People need access to the type of medicine that’s gonna solve the root problem of their disease,” as Dr. Mark Hyman, keynote speaker and recipient of the IHS Leadership Award 2016, stated. Because why else bother? Introducing: Functional medicine 4.0. This information is so rich I could obviously write a whole series of articles on each topic (and I might). For now, though, enjoy these jewels as I intended them to interact with you: Bite-size, cutting-edge transformation. Use it, share it. live it. We’re just a good shedding away from remembering what lets us thrive.  Read more »

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DISPATCH: Satsang & The Architecture of Peace

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Satsang is a gathering of people seeking Truth. And while there are as many individual approaches to Truth as there are beings, there are universal truths that ring true for the collective mindbody. Love, and peace, and appreciation, for instance, are organically woven into the tapestry of light that’s our life. Dr. Deepak Chopra hosts these satsang events which feel like a nourishing blend of town hall meeting, lecture, and meditation. It was a natural fit to have world-renowned photographer Michael O’Neill launch his book On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace at a sat sang. I thought I was an atheist until I realized I’m a spiritual being. ~ Michael O’Neill via @ColorsGratitude  Read more »

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DISPATCH: “Growing a New America: Detox Diet, the Future of Food, and How to Be Happy & Healthy”


E pluribus unum: It’s up to the individual, though, to initiate and support change in their neck of the woods. “All of us need to be activists in the communities we live in,” Ryan states. “Health happens where we live,” Hyman seconds. The desire for freedom is deeply ingrained in the American DNA, and since good health is freedom from the bondage of disease, one wonders when Americans will be fed up with voting for garbage packaged nicely and advertised as awesome. Food is my best drug to use to treat patients. @MarkHymanMD via @ColorsGratitude  Every school needs to have a garden, and a kitchen, and a salad bar. @RepTimRyan via @ColorsGratitude 
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