Stop Judging, Start Enjoying

It's all too familiar: you encounter an experience and attribute negative emotions to it because it didn't fit your frame of awesomeness. But if that event or brief contact was awesome, except you didn't realize it?

I just figured this out yesterday: let go of your expectations of how you'd like your life to unfold. Yes, you may take a job for a while that is just that, and not a career. Yes, you may not have the terrace you've been desiring and will have to make do with the public park. Yes, you may not always get to enjoy the company of folks you get along with brilliantly, and maybe that's ok for a bit.

Stop judging your life experiences based on pre-conceived notions that may not even reflect your most current self. Oftentimes we pressure ourselves to live up to the silly goals of society that a) don't make sense, or b) take time to achieve, or c) don't fit our soul, or d) all of the above.

Stop resisting, start flowing. Life gets so much easier when we drop the resistance to what is and trustingly surrender to the situations in front of us. It takes willingness. It takes guts. It's part of the mystery called life.

Stop judging, start enjoying.

Stop judging, start enjoying. Stop resisting, start flowing. 

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