Good Business is Sacred


I embody the truffle pig archetype and love sharing the gems I've unearthed.  Rest assured that any and all products included here have been created with the highest integrity, purity, and love. I only promote what I adore.

Good business is sacred, and I'm proud to be an affiliate for Living Libations and Lotus Wei. Both the conscious entrepreneurs who own these companies and their creations are as high-vibe, healthy, and glorious as can be. I've featured select products and will continue to share my impressions so you can make the most educated decisions. When you click on the banners below and shop through the links I'll receive a commission. Here's to keeping the good energy flowing!


Living Libations has a special place in my heart. Nadine Artemis, founder and creator in chief, offers real to the feel beauty and wellbeing products that'll transform your understanding of true beauty. Read our Gratitude Speaks interview to learn more about her exquisite formulations. Living Libations' organic skincare and body treats are absolutely divine, their wild-crafted essential oils are beyond therapeutic (I own 6 cedar boxes that are filled to the brim), and their body brushes and aroma diffusers are to live for!

I invite you to explore the magical land of Living Libations. If you'd like recommendations, feel free to email me at hello [at] Colors of Gratitude [dot] com. Always happy to help you shine. Shop the whole happy line. Rose, Best Skin Ever


“The earth laughs in flowers,” Ralph Waldo Emerson writes -- and while his observation certainly pertains to the beauty of flowers, it also points to the impact their qualities have upon us humans. I’ll show you the wei... The Lotus Wei.

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Lotus Wei make potent flower essence elixirs, mists, anointing oils, and serums. They’re a joy to use and a force to be reckoned with. If names like Inner Peace, Inspired Action, Joy Juice, and Quiet Mind intrigue you, read on. I got to meet Katie Hess, Lotus Wei’s founder, and her awesome team at her book party in NYC last year. They’re bright souls so it’s no wonder that Lotus Wei is a company built on integrity, innovation, and profound wellbeing. Explore the collection here.