Sacred Ambition

I used to cringe whenever I’d hear the word ambition. To me, it would signify a forced drive to achieve as suggested by external markers. You’d work hard to get to where you’d want to be (even though it may make you sick); you’d override your body’s wisdom to mold to society’s demands (even though you intuitively know better); you’d do what needed to be done to get ahead (even though your soul would cry out in disbelief).

If I look at ambition from within, though, I see a new trajectory:

Focus on your true desires.

Drop the world.

Ignore what others say.

Listen to your own voice.

Ambition that springs forth from within is the divine drive that’ll ground you in your strengths and propel you to new heights. Inner ambition is fierce, but never aggressive; it’s bold, but never a bully; it’s focused, but never reckless.

Inner ambition turns hard work into sacred work. 

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