Remember Your Roots, Blossom Here Now

Beauty boosts immunity. So it only makes sense to return to what’s beautiful to us.

 What did you love as a kid? 
What did you wholeheartedly adore

 The funny thing about growing up is that we try so hard to fit in, be cool, laugh and love accordingly… Even funnier, the growing up part doesn’t suddenly stop when we hit 21 or even 30; it’s unique to each of us like the white tiger’s pink paws in fresh snow.

So here’s my question for you on this fine day: Are you being your truest self?
Do you love what you really love?
Do you laugh freely & openly?
Do you do what’s aligned with your visions & values? 

 Life lights up full circle when you remember your roots & blossom here now. 

Spring’s showing you the way…

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