Plunger 101: How to Go from Stuck to Flow

Emotional resistance creates physical resistance. If you keep resenting things or people, if you keep building up resistance toward doing things that in reality are beneficial to your growth (ego wants you to stay stuck in misery), the you’re stopping the flow in your body. Things will get stuck. Bloated. Tense. And a clogged up gut makes you massively unhappy because 80% of your serotonin are produced there. If you can’t flow, joy can’t flow.

You gotta drain. Divine drainage does the trick. Surrender to the universe (or god, dog, divine beloved, source, kale whatever you want to call it). We’re condensed energy. I more and more see this world and all its beings as hairy flash balls zipping through eternity. And when there’s resistance, flow is blocked. It’s like wanting to enjoy the autobahn when the handbrake’s still locked.

Dedicate your sanity to whatever divine spark lights you up (and if you don’t believe in anything, thank your iPhone, or coffee, or toilet paper). It’s when you plug into the eternal flow of life — that infamous, tasty quantum soup — that you will begin to feel ease.

And ease it where it’s at. It’s where joy & action meet. It’s where dreams & dollars make love. It’s where work is no longer separate from life because work’s become so irresistibly juicy that, finally, you know what it feels like to live.

Emotional resistance creates physical resistance. 

If you can’t flow, joy can’t flow.  

Ease is where it’s at. It’s where joy & action meet. It’s where dreams & dollars make love. 

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