Let's Live Love



 Each and every one of us is powerful beyond measure. Each and every one of us can impact this world every day through the choices we make: we can be kind to each other; we can vote with our dollars; we can volunteer, donate, be love. Every time we’re choosing item/action Y over item/action X we’re approving of the way item Y is made/created/produced/done. Why not use our power wisely and consciously support the visions, philosophies, and practices that are aligned with our truth? Why not make a positive difference every day? 

Below are a few organizations and platforms that do meaningful work. Whether you adore pigs, dogs, rabbits, parrots, cats, horses, goats, butterflies, elephants, chimpanzees, dolphins, whales… no matter your beloved creature, please consider changing their lives for the better. One way of doing this is to support your favorite animal protection organization; you can donate, spend time, spread the word. I’m starting out with a small selection and will be adding to the list as we go along. I love supporting folks who stand up for animal rights because we’re all One.


Farm Sanctuary rescue, care for, and give a voice to farm animals. Go visit their properties in NY and CA and say hi to their farm animal ambassadors who’ve been nursed back to health from oftentimes atrocious conditions. Farm Sanctuary is a true sanctuary where animals that escaped slaughterhouses, for instance, can live in peace. You may look at life differently when you leave. For more information, please go to www.farmsanctuary.org



PAWS Chicago is the city’s largest no-kill humane organization. I’ve run one of Chicago’s half-marathons for Team PAWS (it’s always a good idea to tie your athletic ambitions to a cause dear to your heart; keeps you going, going, going!). They offer dog adoptions, cat adoptions, clinical care, education, resources, and animal advocacy. For more information, please go to www.pawschicago.org



Are you ready to welcome a new family member into your life? Petfinder allows you to easily search by animal, breed, and zip code nationwide. They also provide useful information to help you find the pet that will be happiest in your environment. If you’re serious about caring for a pet and experiencing unconditional love, go to your local shelters and see if you find your angel there. For more information, please go to www.petfinder.com

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Every Day, leave the world a little brighter than you found it.


Much love,