How Your Birthday Saves the World

Sometimes, it takes a highlighted day in the calendar to pause and reflect on your life. Birthdays are great for that. Instead of counting years (drop that altogether), count your blessings.

What gifts are right under your nose that have been sitting there for months, years maybe? Who’s around you, in person or spirit, in the room or the Skype window, that’s added a lusciousness, depth, and peace to your life you never knew possible?

It’s worth taking a deep soak in your gratitude for those beings, ideas, and drives. And drenched in the glow of reverent appreciation, openness, and unconditional love, you yourself become a gift to the world. That’s what birthdays are about.

We gather here because we have great gifts to share with one another. Your birthday is primed to propel your light inward, outward, down into the earth, and up into the heavens for all to feel.

The day you realize that your life can be the coolest gift to yourself and the world is the day you claim your true power. I’m glad you’re here. Happy birthday!

How your birthday saves the world. 

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