Honesty Clears Acne

Acne, anyone?
Digestion issues?

What if getting really honest with yourself got to the root of your conditions? 
What if your social fears kept you from truly expressing yourself? 
What if you were metabolizing only a fraction of your feelings & thoughts?

When we refrain from being honest with ourselves we suppress our self-healing powers. 
We mute the life force within us.
We shut down our light.
We abandon ourselves.

Today’s fast-paced world provides ample opportunity to gloss over our soul signs.
We often choose cacophonous news over silent musings;
Instant satisfaction over long-term splendor;
Social acceptance over self-love;
We let go of our core to conveniently slip into the haze of busyness and distraction,
deferring our deepest desires to tomorrow.

Biology and psychology are inextricably linked.
When we choose not to address the root of a situation, charged energy starts to build up and go someplace louder.
A suppressed core self can scream in your face with acne.
Backed-up fears of insecurity and loneliness can show up as back pain.
Pent-up anger in relationships can manifest as persistent cough.
Stifled emotions can force out as digestion issues.

There is no magic pill or potion. We need to shed the social veneer and confront our naked selves.

Do you want to be genuinely honest with yourself today?

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