High Summer Beauty: Rise in Love with Living Libations

I’d like to share some goodies with you that will make your summer more vibrant, relaxed, sexy, and delightful. I’ve you’ve been eyeing Living Libations for a while, now’s the time to jump in because they’re offering beautiful specials and FREE shipping on orders $100 or more (until Mon, 8/1, midnight PST)!

Most of the products I’m showing you below are brand new (I just placed my order :)). You could ask, “Well, how can you recommend something you haven’t tried yet?” That’s a legitimate question I’m happy to answer. 1) Living Libations have integrity. They would never create products that are less than excellent. 2) I trust them. Nadine and her high-vibe crew have been a joy to interact with, and I confidently open the wellbeing of my body, skin and, being to their offerings. 3) There are no cleaner, purer, brighter skin & body care products. When you find your lover, cultivate the relationship, and enjoy.

If you’ve ever received a package from Living Libations you know that giddy feeling that bubbles up from within when you’re about to open the box. It reminds me of scenes in fairy tales where white-gold sparkling light emerges out of an unassuming container. Truth doesn’t need photoshopped marketing.

I can’t wait to enrobe myself in the new Tropical Best Skin Ever (also available in Summer Shimmer!), nourish my face with the Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum, spritz away hot heaviness with the White Rose Hydrosol Complexion Tonic, and delight my lips with the Mint Condition Lip Fix. That and more (happy sunscreen, anyone?!) en detail now:


  • Tropical Best Skin Ever: The latest addition to the BSE family, Tropical is also available in Summer Shimmer. Guess which one I went for?! It’s only a matter of intelligence and time until you’ll see this Tahitian love dream in the glossies. True to Living Libations’ DNA, Tropical BSE is both luxurious and effective in its composition. Think gardenia, Hawaiian sandalwood, jasmine, Tahitian vanilla, yang ylang... drenched in coconut supercritical extract, virgin coconut oil, and jojoba. Merry mica adds subtle sizzle.
  • If you love roses as much as I do, you’ll jump for joy at the sight of this jewel. Rose hip seed oil is married with CoQ10, immortelle, myrrh, stone root, and an abundant bouquet of healing agents. Royal Rose CoQ10 at your service.
  • Kiss better 🙂 I’m a lip balm snob (‘cuz, hey, we eat that stuff) so that which touches the portal to my inner queendom has got to be the best of the best. The list of ingredients of Mint Condition Lip Fix reads like a love letter to your ravishing rims: jojoba, happy beeswax, frankincense, thyme, blue tansy, cardamon, grapefruit, and mint magic galore.
  • Oh my goodness, I’m so excited for this! As a long-time fan of the Rose Glow Complexion Mist I cannot wait to indulge my being in the thriving, thrilling energies of white roses. The White Rose Hydrosol Complexion Mist is a Limited Edition so grab it quickly if you resonate with it. I remember Nadine saying that rose otto is “distilled divinity” and I’m very much looking forward to experiencing the subtle, ethereal layers of the steam-distilled white rose otto essential oil in white rose hydrosol.
  • I love to sunbathe and I also love to keep my complexion as even as possible. That’s where the Everybody Loves the Sunshine With Zinc comes in handy. I apply it to my face and finer-skinned areas like neck, chest, and shoulders. Wearing a hat is a fabulous add-on, obviously. The rest of my body gets to gobble up Everybody Loves the Sunshine which is jam-packed with precious raw raspberry seed oil, tamanu oil, seabuckthorn, coco-creme (cold-pressed), carrot seed, immortelle, rose otto... Summer couldn’t be sweeter.
  • Keep bugs away -- the healthy way -- with the Forager’s Balm and Forager’s Cologne. Great for summer nights on the patio, afternoon get-togethers, hikes, lounging around the pool, and undisturbed sleep. You’re welcome.

Take advantage of the special prices and FREE shipping on order $100 or more (which makes such a difference as they’re shipping from Canada). Lots of credit cards have no foreign transaction fees; use one of yours that offers this feature. Hit me up on social (Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest) and show me your treasures. And finally, enjoy the products!

Specials & FREE shipping on $100 & more: Time to get your @LivingLibations fix! 

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