Gratitude Speaks: Sun Potion w/ Scott Linde & Nitsa Citrine

When you meet Scott and Nitsa in person, you’ll feel a new kind of energy envelop your being. Osmosis by encounter. It’s an energy that feels fresh and open-hearted because they’re in touch with pleasure and in tune with nature, which makes the power(herb)-couple from Santa Barbara, CA a serene delight to be around. Aptly, they create transformational foods.

I’ve been a fan of Sun Potion for about three years not only because of the superb quality, not only because of the exquisite blue glass jars and genius gold labels, but because of the high-vibe energy the treats emit. Everything’s energy and we’re all connected; accordingly, you want to enjoy the makers’ spirit of whatever you allow into your space.

I consider Sun Potion a beautiful addition to my health & wellness practice. Their organic/wild-crafted tonic herbs, medicinal plants, and superfoods are among the ingredients for my magic hot chocolate as well as happy smoothie. The chlorella powder in a glass of water is an empowering way to start the day. Tocos (full of Vit. D & E), Ashitaba (blood builder), and Reishi (longevity tonic + stress reliever) awaken divine adornment; Astragalus protects the aura; Chaga bolsters the immune system; Pine Pollen support the endocrine system; and Shea’s a supreme skin moisturizer  (also makes a luscious face mask with tocos, raw honey, intention, and a dash of rose water).

If you’re attuned to yourself, you’ll notice shifts in your body and consciousness after a while. You’ll be more spot-on, more aligned, more fine-tuned, more at home. I can’t think of a better addition to amplify your happiness, magnify your beauty, and love your health than incorporating the enjoyment of tonic herbs into your routine. Like gratitude, tonic herbs, too, are a lifestyle. I’m thrilled that Scott and Nitsa have taken the time to be part of Gratitude Speaks and share their wisdom. In joy!

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1) How do you define gratitude, and what are you grateful for?

Nitsa: Gratitude is magic. In my experience, tuning into a sense of gratitude can bring positive energy and opportunity to any situation or state of being.

Scott: For me, Gratitude is Presence, Awareness, and noticing subtleties which are then acknowledged in a positive way. It is truly a filter through which all of life can be experienced. It is also probably the quickest route to living a successful life.

2) What is art to you?

Nitsa: Art is IT.  Intention, Sincerity, Beauty, and Intelligence united in a ongoing and open stream of communication with the cosmos. To drop into a place of creativity and self-expression is the most healing and loving practice I have found ~ it is everywhere and all the time for me.

Scott: Art is excitement, passion, beauty, and the individual's unique expression of themselves. Currently Sun Potion is my Art.

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3) When did you experience significant personal growth, and how did it impact your perspective on life?

Nitsa: The first time I fell in love. It opened my heart and whole being in infinite ways. Luckily this person was an artist - a writer - so I was intensely inspired to CREATE and this has informed my work as an artist and a lover ever since. I am pretty devotional so aligning myself  with people or environments which activate and nourish me creatively has been instrumental to my personal growth. Also -- the  second time I fell in love -- with plants. They have totally shifted my consciousness and how I relate to the natural world, my creative vision,  and being human. Plants are my ultimate Muse.

Scott: After living in LA I took four years to "drop put" of commerce, society, and lived very close to nature with almost zero overhead. This was a pivotal experience which enabled me to connect more deeply with myself and the Land. Barefoot hiking and experiencing the beauty of the environment became my primary practice and have had a major impact on my life ever since.

4) What other gems of joy & wisdom would you like to share with us? 

Nitsa: Self-Trust and Self-Love. Tonic Herbs. Love!

Scott: "Show me my mission and path of service" >> this has been the most important question I have asked myself and the universe. It is ultimately what led to the creation of  Sun Potion and where I am now.


Gratitude is magic. @Sunpotionfoods via @ColorsGratitude 

Plants are my ultimate Muse. @Sunpotionfoods via @ColorsGratitude 

"Show me my mission and path of service" @Sunpotionfoods via @ColorsGratitude 


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