Good Luxury: In Search of Style + Compassion

It recently struck me that the marriage of ethics & aesthetics in the premium segment of consumer goods seems to be considered a luxury too extravagant to indulge in by the fashion industry. While I truly appreciate items that combine impeccable craftsmanship with refined style, I also prefer to not adorn myself with products that were created from the suffering of other beings. There is no luxury in pain.

When I look at the Magnificent Miles of the world I see a lot of great design but also a lot of agony. The production of objects has turned into a mad machinery that doesn’t care about the beings it renders into fabric. Auschwitz is being done to animals every day in the name of fashion.

I cannot be the only one who desires both fine design and expansive compassion. What would happen if the grand fashion houses opened up to new markets that demand love in addition to looks? What if they dared to step on the path of innovation and created goods that are good for people, planet, and animals? What would need to happen to galvanize the big players into using materials like future leather that doesn’t kill but rather saves the environment?

The time is ripe for disruption.

If consumers had a choice between the same high-end model in, say, a handbag, one made from conventional leather, the other from cruelty-free future leather, don’t you think they’d go for the innovative, compassionate one? Markets cater to demand, and you, dear reader, have the power to create demand for the good stuff. Yes, you can. Talk to the GM of your local boutique; email/call HQ; vote with your $.
Demand style + compassion.

We’re creating the future right now; let’s be proud of it. 


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