From Luminizer to Illumination: The Makeup of Self and Soul

It’s time to switch on our inner light. It’s time to commit to love. Because we can’t afford to just put on external layers. We need prayers and we need wholehearted actions.

No more putting on masks to look away from what’s happening. No more covering up the sadness because we’re scared to face the truth. We’ve run out of time for those games. The world’s in desperate need for us to wake up to the light we carry within ourselves. We need to acknowledge the power we have to shift from violence to peace, from injustice to equality. We kid ourselves by thinking we can’t impact the planets’ vibrations. It’s all alive and all connected. Our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our deeds  -- everything effects everything.

So what can we do? Look around. What’s in your immediate environment that you can positively influence? Help out your neighbor? Be more present with your kids? Be honest at work? Send compassion to Mother Earth? Rescue an animal? Vote? Say I love you to your beloved? Support local, organic farmers? Care about your community? Respect yourself?

Putting on luminizer to show your glow to the world is just the training wheels. It’s when you own your power that your love lights up the universe. And that, my friends, we now need more than anything.

From Luminizer to Illumination: The Makeup of Self and Soul 

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