Financially Fulfilled: The Link between Money & Your Tummy

How satisfied you are financially is directly related to how happy your tummy is. Being financially fulfilled is the single most important step to vibrant health because it affects all areas of life. If you can’t find a job, can’t get your business off the ground, can’t build savings, can’t seem to make smart investments, I guarantee you that your digestive health isn’t as awesome as it could be.

The mind-body-spirit connection is at the core of both modern medicine and ancient wisdom; making good use of it is a given. Let me give you a brief primer on the chakras, your energy centers, particularly involved with financial health:

The third chakra sits right where your stomach is, above your tummy and below the sternum. It’s associated with personal power, digestion, and the blazing yellow light of the sun. Working our way down into the womb, as it were, we encounter the second chakra. It’s the seat of money, sex, and power. It’s vibrant orange color embodies the fires of creative energy.

If you aren’t creatively fulfilled — and making the amount of money that makes you feel satisfied is a good chunk of truly being creatively fulfilled — then you won’t thrive. Duh, you may think, that’s an insight. But think about it, how could you thrive if you aren’t realizing, i.e. sharing with the world, what you have cooking inside?

There’s no one magic bullet to getting financially fulfilled. Your solution is as unique to you as your gut microbiota. But know that your health and wellbeing are directly related to how fully you show up in your life. After all, if your are empty on a creative level, your body needs to fill up on the inside to remind you of that gap. Also remember that your body is your buddy; he or she isn’t out to get you, or betray you, or make you suffer. Au contraire, your body has your best interest at heart. Take its clues as tools on your path to becoming financially fulfilled. It may not be easy but it sure is important.

Good health = Creative realization = Financial fulfillment.

Your body is your buddy. 

The link btw money & your tummy. 

Chakras, dollars, and how to let them flow. 

Good health = Creative realization = Financial fulfillment. 

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