Ease into Fall: 10 Tips to Fly High & Root Deep This Season

Thursday, September 22 at 10:21am ET, marked the Fall Equinox. I thanked Summer abundantly for her blessings and bid her farewell for the season. I embraced Autumn wholeheartedly and invited in her nourishing glory.

As above, so below. As without, so within. Sync your life with the new season. Make room for what’s most useful in this time of transition from warm, growing, and lush to cool, offering, and receding. Here are some of my favorite tips and tools to celebrate & thrive this fall:

  • Warm Elixirs: Warm liquids are my nourishment of choice. Especially in the cooler/cold months, providing easily digestible, soothing liquids feels like a hug from within. My favorites are my Superfood Hot Chocolate, and organic, grass-fed bone broth.
  • Move: Stay active. While you might be inclined to just chill on the couch, keep a dedicated movement routine. Whether that’s yoga, crossfit, weights, cardio, swimming, kickboxing, tai chi.... or all of the above. Find what brings you joy and do it!
  • Feed Your Skin: You know I’m devoted to my skincare from Living Libations. It’s the purest, finest, most high-vibe. Incorporate luscious oils into your face and body care to keep skin happy, fed, and glowing
  • Cozy Up with a Book: There’s a tower of books on my bedside table at any given time. Take advantage of the shorter days and turn on the light in your mind. After you’ve moved, that is. 🙂
  • Soak up the Colors of Autumn: This one’s a no-brainer but needs to be emphasized in this hyper tech world we’re living in. Get outside! Breathe in fresh air; go for a walk in the woods; help harvest organic apples; take shelter doggies for a walk if that’s possible. Participate in the beauty that’s around you.
  • Establish a Sleep Ritual: Arianna’s written a whole book on it, and as a happy human and Holistic Health Coach I happen to agree. Sleep is essential to high performance, glowing skin, vibrant health, and a good mood. Bragging about not getting any sleep is so last millennium.
  • Listen to your Body: Tune in to your body. Flow with the seasons. Ladies, when you have your period it’s not the best time to go to crossfit or run a marathon. Rather, it’s a time to rest, reflect, and release. #Girlboss superwomen and gentlemen, if you’ve been hopscotching time zones like a kid on candy, take the time to cherish your body (see all of the above). Ya can’t burn the candle at both ends, and if ya do, no bueno.
  • Nourish: Pumpkin season! I’m a fan of root veggies, and there’s something so soothing about a steamed sweet potato drizzled with coconut oil. Feed yourself happy.
  • Love Your Supplements: We’re being bombarded with chemicals of all kinds (#PlanePoison, cigarette smoke, chem trails, conventional fruit and veggies...) EMF-pollution, contaminated water, mineral-depleted soils in lots of places... which is why I’m a huge fan of the right supplements to optimally nourish my body. The Kyani Triangle of Wellness is a staple in my regimen and I’ve shared it with family and friends.
  • Your Home’s a Sanctuary: You’re going to be inside more so make your home as comfortable as possible. Clean up any summer clutter; sage out any unpleasant vibes; make room for your luminous sanctuary to emerge. Enjoy!
  • Bonus! Curate your Wardrobe: Revisit your fall wardrobe. Curate, edit, donate, sell, enjoy. I have that theory that fewer, better pieces make you feel richer. Now on to the closet colonic.

Happy Fall, y’all!

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