Does This Spark Joy? The Life-Changing Beauty of Flow and Letting Go

When resources independent of each other (relatively, as everything’s connected) point toward the same thing, pay attention. It’s synchronicity in action. Divine flow at your fingertips. I’ve aspired to create a zen home for a while but that sweet simplicity, while achieved in certain areas for some time, tends to be overruled by… By what, really? If things pile up, one either has too much stuff and not enough storage, or one’s too lazy to put said stuff back in its place. Stuff is a funny word anyway.

What’s also funny is that we’re driving us insane at work to create the wealth we think we desire which generally includes buying a good amount of stuff.  Maybe true wealth is abundant empty space? Maybe the ultimate luxury is being able to curate one’s life so that everything we see, and hear, and touch, and feel, and wear, and live in sparks joy? Which brings me back to my initial idea: If something appears on your radar several times, from different sources, it might be worth your while to check it out.

Divine guidance has a sense of humor. I first saw Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on CAP Beauty’s Instagram a couple weeks ago. I’ve read articles on her method; told friends about it; mentioned her in the previous Weekly Guts. James Altucher recently sent out a post describing how he and wife Claudia threw out 98% of their possessions; he’s also interviewing Marie soon. I’m reading Marie’s book right now and cannot wait to experience the results of applying her advice. Does this spark joy? may become my new mantra. How’s that for clarity?! If signs align, they form a path. Follow that.

I intend to create beauty wherever I am; a clean, clear space may just be the brilliant bouncing-off place for a whole new level of blessings.

Ask yourself: Does this spark joy?  

If signs align, they form a path. Follow that. 

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