Clean, Local, and with Love

Eating is intimate.

 We put something external in our body that re-creates us. New cells are being built from that new material. We become the essence of our meals. Wouldn’t you want it to be clean & pristine?

The idea that food can be manufactured is intrinsically false. Food can only be grown; everything else is not food but faux. Producing faux (which I’m deliberately using as a noun) is cheap ’n’ easy, of course. Empires have been built through faux: soda, fast food, candy, cereal, booze… Fortunes have been made on the backs of sugar-addicts. Tell me this: do you feel rich when eating that burger? Do you feel sexy sipping that diet soda? Know that the antibiotics and hormones in conventional meat are messing with your endocrine system?

It’s mind-boggling to look at what’s considered food these days. And yes, the rationalizations for eating faux go like so: “I only have it now and then;” “I don’t have time to cook;” “It’s quick & easy;” I don’t want to bother creating a meal after a long day’s work;” “I like how it tastes” (cuz you’re addicted to it); “I’m not rich; I can’t afford organic;” “I don’t know where to start.”

The industrialization of food has industrialized our bodies & minds.  

GMO, MSG, hydrogenated, expeller-pressed, micro-waved… These aren’t just random phrases, they’re an assault on your health. And if you don’t care about your health, how about this: Junk anything makes you unsexy & less successful. It clouds your brilliance. And let me be clear: there’s faux for all, no matter if you’re vegan, paleo, non-fat, omnivore, or somewhere in between.

There is a better way, though, and it’s right before our eyes:

Grow your own.

Buy local.

Go organic.

Eat with love.

You are in charge of your health & vitality.
Take responsibility for what you eat & drink because you’re voting with every purchase.

Grow your own. Buy local. Go organic. Eat with love. 


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