High Summer Beauty: Rise in Love with Living Libations

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I’d like to share some goodies with you that will make your summer more vibrant, relaxed, sexy, and delightful. I’ve you’ve been eyeing Living Libations for a while, now’s the time to jump in because they’re offering beautiful specials and FREE shipping on orders $100 or more (until Mon, 8/1, midnight PST)! Read more »

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Paradise Found: Living Libations in Venice, CA

Living Libations-beauty-green beauty-renegade beauty-organic-vegan-paleo-canada-ontario-haliburton-california-venice-beach-ocean-yoga-meditation-natural beauty-essential oils-grace-culinary chrisms-tonics-poetic pits-petal perfumes-forest cologne-skincare-best skin ever-nadine artemis-entrepreneur-business-change the world-gratitude speaks-grace-

I’ll be sharing more of my favorite LL treats in seasonal posts soon. In the meantime, I invite you to look into the magnificent array of creations that nourish your whole being because products from Living Libations are more than just that; they’re jewels alive with the vibrancy of grace. It’s beauty, inside and out, the way nature intended. That’s how you get that glow, for real. Paradise Found: A peek inside Living Libations’ cool Venice store.  Read more »

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Carpet-Lighting the World: How NEWSWIRE.FM is Transforming the Way We Live

Deepak & Martine on set-Deepak & Martine on set_NEWSWIRE.FM-Deepak Chopra-Martine Dubin-ABC Home-wellness-wellbeing-health-meditation-consciousness-beauty-peace-cosmic-yoga-conversation-healthwire.fm-new york-media-mindfulness-mindful-stillness-new media-digital broadcasting-global-worldwide-disruption-honest-open-free of lobbied interests-integrity-arianna huffington-dvf-paul tudor jones-luny liu-dr. mario martinez-nobel laureate

Think of NEWSWIRE.FM as a massively inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking CNN free of lobbied ads and interests. NEWSWIRE.FM and its sister network HEALTHWIRE.FM reach viewers across 200+ countries connecting the world with stories around health & wellness, business & trade, love & relationships, imagination & creativity, and science & consciousness. Watch & Share: How the pioneer of mindful media is reshaping digital broadcasting.  Read more »

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