The Kids Menu: Scoop & Interview with Joe Cross

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Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead has resonated with people across the globe; millions have joined Joe Cross on his journey from obesity and sickness to vibrant health. I’m thrilled to be sharing The Kids Menu with you! Aside from being a well-rounded edu-mentary, it’s entertaining and inspiring. Watch it with your whole family, invite over the neighbors, share the news with your community. The tools to transform our lives are right here in bright daylight, waiting for us to finally use them. Living a healthy, joyful life is neither hard, nor expensive, nor ascetic. Be willing to make some changes and watch your life come to life. Transforming the world one bite at a time #TheKidsMenu 
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Fresh From: Integrative Healthcare Symposium

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Here’s the latest on creating lasting vibrant health and revolutionizing the way we care for each other. “People need access to the type of medicine that’s gonna solve the root problem of their disease,” as Dr. Mark Hyman, keynote speaker and recipient of the IHS Leadership Award 2016, stated. Because why else bother? Introducing: Functional medicine 4.0. This information is so rich I could obviously write a whole series of articles on each topic (and I might). For now, though, enjoy these jewels as I intended them to interact with you: Bite-size, cutting-edge transformation. Use it, share it. live it. We’re just a good shedding away from remembering what lets us thrive.  Read more »

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