Be That Change: How You Can Help the Veganator Save the World

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“We’re creating tomorrow’s world today with our forks and knives. Every meal counts: for your health, for the voiceless, and for the planet.” ~ Attila Hildmann. Follow Attila on Instagram @attila_hildmann; his stories are both entertaining and inspiring. We’re voting every day with our forks & knives, desires & needs. Your wallet & voice are the key drivers in today’s society. Use ’em for good. Because we can’t keep living like we don’t know what’s happening in factory farming, GMO labs, puppy mills, behind closed doors at Big Ag & Big Pharma. Read more »

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VIBE UP: Crystals, Kundalini, and Self-Care with Joanne Stone

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Joanne Stone opens the 90-minute workshop by smudging each one of us, about 25 women and one brave man, with palo santo. Born in Peru, she’s tapping into the country’s shamanic heritage to clear space and elevate consciousness. We’re sitting in a circle, surrounding a big triangle (outlined with golden tape) filled with clear quartz in different shapes and sizes. A drum will clear the air and attune our hearts; Kundalini meditations will ignite our fire. Talk about a kickass way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Read more »

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