Becoming Bulletproof: My First Biohacking Conference

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Immersing yourself in any personal growth environment for 3 days straight will impact you on a cellular level. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to play in Bulletproof land. Find what resonates with you and implement those upgrades into your lifestyle. The world needs you at peak performance and you’ll have a lot more fun doing what you’re great at when you feel amazing. Read more »

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Paradise Found: Living Libations in Venice, CA

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I’ll be sharing more of my favorite LL treats in seasonal posts soon. In the meantime, I invite you to look into the magnificent array of creations that nourish your whole being because products from Living Libations are more than just that; they’re jewels alive with the vibrancy of grace. It’s beauty, inside and out, the way nature intended. That’s how you get that glow, for real. Paradise Found: A peek inside Living Libations’ cool Venice store.  Read more »

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