August Gatherings

Surefire Way to Feel Lighter, Better, Richer

Ever wondered what to wear whilst staring at an overflowing closet? Me too. It's an all too common dis-ease in modern society -- having so much that we don't know what we have, don't know where it's at, if it still fits, if we still enjoy it, if the quality of the garment is still great... It's a first-world problem that's destroying the whole planet. Let's smarten up, y'all. Only buy from people with integrity. Only buy what you truly love. Buy organic. Read Dr. Mercola's article on how mass consumption and fashion waste have created an environmental crisis.




Use Your Power

I'm a fan of The Late Show for many reasons but my fav may be that they care about rescues. A recurring segment, Rescue Puppy Rescue, joins forces with North Shore Animal League to help homeless pups find loving forever homes. If you can't open your home & heart to a furry angel at this point in time, you might consider donating to North Shore Animal League as they're the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.




Transform Yourself, Transform the World

y friends at Lotus Wei recently completed their Thunder Moon Flower Lounge tour across the Midwest and the West Coast. If you're interested in their transformational work, watch their beautiful 15-minute tour trailer. It's time we bloom into our brightest selves AND transform the world: Brave the day with Lotus Wei!





What do you do when you're out of your fav cacao? That's right, you sip on golden mylk! Vegan, organic, and oh so yummy. Recipe inspiration on my Instagram.




Freedom Ride

This video captures the joy of freedom. It feels so good to see these pups finally find their loving forever humans & homes. Yesterday's Clear the Shelters events saw lots of tail wagging and smiles. See for yourself. Thanks, The Dodo, for posting! Every day's a good day to adopt or foster a rescue but if your current life circumstances don't allow for that, consider making a donation to your shelter of choice. North Shore Animal Leaguementioned above is great, so is PAWS Chicago, Animal Haven, Susie's Senior Dogs, Badass Brooklyn, Louie's Legacy... Use your power, my friend.




Your Best Skin Ever

There's been a nip in the air in my neck of the woods that's had me roasting pumpkins and snuggling up in a blanket. If you'd like to extend your summer glow and nourish your skin for the change of seasons ahead, check out my friends at Living Libations. Save 10% storewide and receive free US shipping on orders $100+. They also just released a charcoal toothpaste: Wintergreen Clean. You're welcome. Enjoy!





Use your power to be living blessings, my friends.



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