About Me

Hi, I’m Miriam Ava, PhD –
Writer, Truffle Pig, Independent Sales Rep

I'm passionate about vibrant health and sharing what's great. If you're looking for a rockstar writer to help you craft your story, polish your copy, and refine your voice, reach out. Likewise, if you have a story/product/service that's transforming the world in a big, beautiful way and you need support spreading it elegantly & effectively... Sales with integrity. I'm here for you.

Share your love: hello [at] Colors of Gratitude [dot] com

About Colors of Gratitude

Gratitude is a lifestyle. When we’re grateful, we’re graceful. We’re more conscious, inspired, and powerful. We change, and thus we change the world.

My quest for the beauty of humanity has led me here. I’ve created Colors of Gratitude to give a voice to the grace of our core. To bring forth the kindness, courage, and creativity within us, that genuine enthusiasm we may have lost touch with in the vertigo of today’s world.

When I pursued American Studies academically, I had the opportunity to delve into the texts and contexts that have made America great: poetry, prose, drama, visual arts, performing arts, pop culture, politics, philosophy… It’s all people and visions and actions. It’s all us. Worldwide.
We are the fibers of this planet; it’s time we shift back into bright peace.

Colors of Gratitude is a place for you to recharge and expand.
Soak in the Art.
Live the Beauty.
Disperse the Light.