A Heart as Big as the Universe

That’s yours. And mine.
We. Are. It.
The source of strength,
The fountain of joy,
The root of love,

The ocean of optimism,
The soil of evolution,
The light of creativity,
The atoms of power,
The well of genius,
One heart, one home across galaxies,

The body of compassion,
The nature of beauty,
The air of blessings,

The breath of exaltation,
that’s us,
The rain of change,
The glow of wisdom,
The bolt of boldness,
The ur of peace,

The bowl of nourishment,
The gaze of centeredness,
The smile of imagination,

The color of miracles,
The space of consciousness,
The radiance of freedom,
The blossom of time,
The heart of truth,
We are it, we are it,
We are it.

The seed of abundance,
The thrill of life,
The silhouette of grace,
We are it. 

We. Are. It.

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