Plunger 101: How to Go from Stuck to Flow


If you can’t flow, joy can’t flow.   You gotta drain. Divine drainage does the trick. Surrender to the universe (or god, dog, divine beloved, source, kale whatever you want to call it). We’re condensed energy. I more and more see this world and all its beings as hairy flash balls zipping through eternity. And when there’s resistance, flow is blocked. It’s like wanting to enjoy the autobahn when the handbrake’s still locked. Read more »

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Why Being Cool Gives You Cellulite


What we as adults are doing and telling each other, though, is the exact opposite. You wanna be cool, we keep reinforcing, to get ahead, feel great, look hot, get the guy/girl, be accepted by those we think we want to associate with (we may not really like them but we’ve been telling each other we need to hang out with the cool folks). And ya wonder why you aren’t as juicy as when you came in. Uncool is the new kale.  Read more »

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