Gratitude Speaks: Sun Potion w/ Scott Linde & Nitsa Citrine


When you meet Scott and Nitsa in person, you’ll feel a new kind of energy envelop your being. Osmosis by encounter. It’s an energy that feels fresh and open-hearted because they’re in touch with pleasure and in tune with nature, which makes the power(herb)-couple from Santa Barbara, CA a serene delight to be around. Aptly, they create transformational foods. Plants are my ultimate Muse. @Sunpotionfoods via @ColorsGratitude  Read more »

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DISPATCH: Living the Farm Sanctuary Life


Cultivating compassion in their genes, it seems, the crowd at the book’s launch party at ABC Home last night passionately discussed health, animal rights, delicious recipes, and how you can have them all. Each of us are influencers. @GeneBaur via @ColorsGratitude  The key is to be a kind, living example of what you hold dear, to align your actions with your values. “As humans, we don’t want to bring anyone down, “ Baur says, “we want to bring people up.” How? Learn about Baur’s 5 tenets to finding lasting health & happiness:
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